I believe that everyone has a soul within them and encourages people to honestly confront their emotions, search for our own soul, and rediscover their “heart”.

My character is called Wusoul. His head is a large planet filled with craters, representing the troubles he has encountered in his life practice. He does not hide his emotions. He feels sadness when he needs to, and joy when he can.

My artworks have simple lines and I like to use blue to express myself. Our imagination can transcend the limits of the city. I believe that people can reflect on the importance of the soul of living in the world.


Wusoul 胡鬚 的頭部是一顆大星球,星球上滿佈坑洞,代表他在生活修行中遇過的煩擾和傷害,縱是這樣,他也掛著由心發出的微笑,同時也不會遮掩自己的情感,憂時憂,樂時樂,所以你會看到擁有很多面的 Wusoul胡鬚。


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